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Eating Veggie at Sabrina's

We are committed to providing the best food to our community - including those with allergens and dietary restrictions/commitments. So much of our menu can be made vegetarian or vegan. Our staff is knowledgable and will assist you in any way you need.

What to Order?

Vegan Substitutions and Orders 

- Vegetarian Cheesesteak - no cheese (sub for vegan cheese)

- Grilled Veggie Sandwich (no cheese, no pesto - sub for marinara or hummus)

- Vegan Brunch Specials

- Asian Salad

- Hummus Plate (no cheese)

- Crispy Tofu

- Tofu Scramble

- Veggie Burger (No brioche bun, sub for another bread)

- Bagel with Avocado and Tomato

- Soup Du Jour (Normally vegan, ask server)

- Barking Chuihuahua (No cheese, sour cream - sub eggs for tofu scramble)

- Baja Tacos (no fish or sour cream - sub for mushrooms or seitan)

- Granola and Berries with Soy Milk

- Greek Salad (no cheese, sub balsamic vinegar and oil)

Vegan Bread Options

Sarcones, Multi-Grain, Country White, Pita, All Bagels, Wraps, Tortillas

Gluten Free*

- Tofu Scramble (No bread)

- All omelettes, eggs, frittatas (no bread)

- All salads besides Asian Salad (Ginger-Soy dressing has soy sauce)

- Huevos Rancheros

- Polenta Fries

- All Sandwiches and Burgers with no bread, serve over Spring Mix Salad

- Baja Fish Tacos

- Corn Tortillas may be substituted for bread

* Highly allergic guests may not be able to eat certain foods because of co-mingled frying oil, shared grill surface, food processing, and preparation procedures, etc.